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Why Peggy Porschen Was A Disappointment

Peggy Porschen feels like one of the must-go-tos when you go to London, influencer or not it feels like a place that is so hyped now that EVERYONE goes there…and so did we. Here is my experience of why I would probably not go back to visit and why my excitement was basically crushed.

You can see the pink wall already from the main street, yes it makes an impact, I mean it’s a place that looks so good especially on their own IG-page. It wasn’t a lovely day, but there was still smaller line to get in (you can see my Peggy Porschen-videos saved on the highlights under “London travel”). Everyone, and I’m not joking everyone had pink or something pink on. A older couple that came after us, even the guy had a pink shirt on. Waiting outside to get in, there was pretty much going on, a lot of people taking pictures, changing clothing, posing etc.

in my opinion you can even see that it’s not gonna taste good

After 30 min or so we where let into the bakery shop and shown to the minimal back space room of the café. This was actually a win, cause the main shop area is nothing fun if you think about it from a Instagram-perspective. The back space is cute, BUT so small, Elina who is basically a size 0 had her bum up the neighbor’s faces passing between the tables to get to her cute seat. This I won’t really complain to much about, because I get it, they want to get in as many people as possible so people don’t have to wait, but for eg. I was sitting with my back to the aisle (or lets be honest I was sitting on the aisle), it is so tight that having my coat jacket on the chair (no there is no other place to put your outerwear), the people walking in and out were on it all the time so it’s basically falling down. OK, lets leave the space problems. We read the menu, I was expecting higher pricing, which is fine, but there was nothing really on the menu that grabs one’s attention, so we basically ask the waiter what is nice to order so it becomes IG-friendly for pictures. She tells us about a “valentine’s day cup cake” and a piece of cake with raspberry filling. We ask for the cute cookies they show on their IG page, but no that we can’t get, they are only sold packaged for taking home. Then we ordered macaroons and obviously having a pink theamed IG we wanted pink ones…guess what THEY DON’T HAVE PINK MACAROONS!!! WTF?!?! Anyways we ordered one of each of the other 4 and tea.

So our order comes, the tea pot and cups are cute, but the next disappointment comes when we see the bake goods that came in… No IG-potential at all, not even nicely plated and after tasting them, they were dry, didn’t feel especially fresh and the quality was really a bummer. I’m not joking if I say that I’ve had better baked goods in a regular supermarket than what we got served at Peggy Porschen. You may think that maybe it’s about my palette…No. I don’t think there was anyone in that café that was not disappointed and underwhelmed by their visit and wouldn’t come back another time.

Do you remember the couple that was standing behind us, the guy with the pink shirt? the were sat by the table next to us, and while Elina went to the loo as the Brits say, they actually turned to me and asked “so, what do you guys think about it all?” Basically meaning, “how shitty isn’t this?”

After getting our order we didn’t get any more attention from the waiters, not if anything was ok, not is we wanted something else, the check, yeah anything. Eventually we got to pay, on the way out we though about buying the cute cookies to take home, but 20£ for 3 cookies, but after changing around 5 boxes where in each box the cookies were broken, we though hell no, we are not gonna give them another quid.

So in short, Peggy Porschen, I wouldn’t tell anyone to visit for buying something in the café, well, maybe a cup of tea or the coffee options, and the macaroons were good (even though a bit overpriced). For IG value you can do all your photos outside, because if you don’t get basically our corner table inside in the back room, there is no photo value to get inside.

Peggy Porschen should put more time on the client experience, on there baking goods, it’s a great example of today’s #influencerlife of staging and photoshop:ing to the point where you definitely don’t get what you see. – which is OK for an influencer, but NOT SO MUCH for a business.


Have any of you visited?