Etikettarkiv: dog’s life

Hello, My Name Is Trewor…

and I really like to swim. Most of the times I don’t listen to my owners if they tell me that we are not going to the lake, but turning to the other side, then I run to the lake by my self, taking a dip…IMG_20150626_200003

then I come back, looking if they followed me…


happy that they did… I start to run back to the lake before they stop me…

IMG_20150626_200011 IMG_20150626_200013but actually I need to check if they stay and wait for me… then it’s a go go!

IMG_20150626_200024 IMG_20150626_200122look at me look at me… and I love when they throw stones or sticks for me…IMG_20150626_200125 IMG_20150626_200129 IMG_20150626_200144I love to swim, and I get REALLY excited!

IMG_20150626_200148one more time , one more time…IMG_20150626_200152