This Mom’s Favourite Clothing Pieces – Part 1

20170320_140212You may get surpriced on what it is, but life as a new mom makes you tend to go back to the easy choices, the comfy choice that you know works. A couple of extra kilos and trying too much new stuff on or see if your old stuff fits one more time is not something you want to do too often.

I have two “full outfits” that I tend to go too. Of course I can mix them up with eachother. 20170320_140220

  • t-shirt: Ed Hardy (I love their women tees)
  • long sporty zip-jacket:  WARP
  • jeans: PEARL
  • shoes: New Balance
  • sunglasses: Ray Ban

20170320_140218  20170321_091649 20170320_140248




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