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Engagement Rings You Can Afford! Förlovningsdags?

Hur många går inte i giftastankar nu? Eller iaf i förlovningstankar? Det känns som om 2016 är året det händer. Men visst kan det vara dyrt att slå till på den där ringen som “man inte skäms att visa”. Ja för face it, ingen vill väl få en liten förlovningsring som folk inte tycker är WOW?!

Här är några tips på billigare ringar som ser dyrare ut p.g.a. hur de är utformade:

You can achieve the same effect as a big sparkler with a cluster of small diamonds, or by adding a halo of tiny diamonds around a small stone

Triad Diamond Equilibrium Ring, Jennie Kwon $1200

Monique Pean Atelier $4580 – – – Linda Lee Johnson $3450

If you’re looking to save money but love the idea of an infinity band, find a style with diamonds only on the front of the ring.

Jolie Diamond Gold Band Ring, Sarah Chloe $398

Eva Fehren $2860 – – – Logan Hollowell $750

The best part of delicate rings is they look gorgeous in any number, including just one. Start a stack and add to your collection on each anniversary.

Hammered Rose Gold Stack Rings, Zoe Chicco $550

Alexa Leigh $1600 – – – Dana Rebecca Designs $1540

Anita Ko $2375 – – – Ileana Makri $1680

But for real, don’t be cheap, the main rule is that an engagement ring should cost you 3 salaries….

Det riktiga regeln är dock, var inte snål, en förlovningsring ska kosta dig 3 månadslöner…




2016 Spring UGLY Shoe Trend

I don’t know about you guys, but I think this Spring’s shoe trends are just horrific and at least you’ll probably don’t see me in them. Well maybe some sort of chain-sandal or the lace-up ballerinas, but even if they make look cute they’re a pain in the ass to walk in. The only thing that I may find a nice one form is the sling-back plattforms.

Alexander Wang – – – Louis Vuitton

Rodarte – – – Marc Jacobs

Alexander McQueen – – – Dries Van Noten

Proenza Schouler – – – Christian Dior

—-> You wouldn’t see me dead walking in these ugly things above

Jason Wu – – – Fendi

What do you guys think?




6 SALE Shopping Rules to Remember!

Slutet av Januari, det är då de bästa REA-fynden går att hitta, speciellt om du inte handlat så mycket innan. Nedan är 6 regler som varje shopaholic borde ta med sig i bakhuvudet när hon ger sig ut på e shopping-spree bland alla nedsatta varor. För visst går det att fynda, men det går att göra mega-missar också.

#1 Do not go shopping without a list

If you go shopping without a list of the things you want to buy, there is a chance that you miss to buy something you need. And also you may  buy things you do not need just because they are on sale. It is actually statistically proven that sales have an impact on people. They make them buy more and more things.

#2 Start with the most necessary things

When you go sales shopping, make sure you start from the most important things you need, like a coat, a pair of boots, or some jeans even. And only when you buy them you can go for the things that are not that necessary, but you still want to buy, like a new bag or some accessories. The reason for this is, not only to have enough money to buy the most necessary things, but also to have the energy for shopping. Going around malls for hours is quite tiring, so make sure you do not skip the important things by starting with them.

#3 Do not buy trendy items

As much as we like fashion trends, we know that they are not very practical. They will be in fashion only one season and the next one they are gone. So, if you do not want to spend a lot of money, just buy items you can wear the next couple of years. This is one of the best ways to invest money in shopping.

#4 Search for quality, not quantity

If you ask a wise person about a shopping advice, they will tell you that it is better to buy expensive but quality things rather than a lot of cheap things. For example, if you buy a nice pair of shoes which you can wear for a couple of years for quite a big amount of money, you will actually save money. Cheap things break easily and it may turn out that you need to pay more money on buying new cheap shoes every month.

#5 Do not buy the first item you like

When there are sales, a person can find a lot of things they like. However, you need to make sure there is not something better waiting for you around the corner. Spend your money wise by checking out all the possibilities first.

#6 Return Stuff  If You Change Your Mind

One big mistake a lot of people do is shopping by impulse… It is OK, but then they get home, they don’t like the item, but still they do not return it. Most SALE-items has at least 3-7 days return policy. Get your money back or get a voucher so you can buy something you really want instead. This helps you save money and also prevents you from having a lot of clothes hanging in your closet with the price tags still on them…season after season.




4 Ways To Wear Black – the Kate Moss-Way

Även om svart sk. ska vara lätt att bära så är det inte alltid så lätt att få det helrätt, det lilla extra. Supermodellen Kate Moss är en av experterna när det kommer till svart och här är några tips på hur man får svart att vara helrätt.

1. Transform Your Outfit With Power Accessories

Whether you opt for a python patchwork tote à la Kate, or go for a handbag in a punchy color, eye-catching accessories are a must for an all-black uniform.


2. Layer Up With Leather Leggings

Black leather pants are a wardrobe staple that can be dressed up with a tuxedo jacket and frilly blouse or dressed down with a T-shirt and flats. Yes, they’re expensive, but it may be worth the splurge.

3. Dress Up Your Downtown Denim

Head-to-toe black denim accompanied by a vintage T-shirt, posh neck scarf, chain-strap bag and wide-brim hat is a winning combo.

4. Invest In An Anything-But-Boring Statement Coat

Ms. Moss frequently pairs her go-to skinny jeans and rocker boots with a head-turning coat—a fail-safe trick to amp up your uniform.




Gold & Brown Smoky Eye

Jag älskar basfärger på ögon. De får dina ögon att se mer mystiska och större ut. Brun är en av mina favoritfärger ever att använda på ögonskugga. Nedan kommer en enkel tutorial på hur man får till en lätt gul/brun smoky eye.

The technique is easy and it will make your eyes look brighter and bigger. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one in order to get the right look. Here we go:

  • You must prepare the lids with a primer. Apply tinted primer in order to hide the fine veins, which can be seen through the thin skin of the lids, which is so thin and delicate that it is almost transparent. The primer not only will hide the fine veins, but it will also secure a long lasting makeup.

  • Then, apply matte white eyeshadow all over the lid, above the crease and especially, at the inner corner of the eye. This simple application of this simple color will create an effect of brighter and bigger looking eyes. Spread the color with a blending brush.

  • Now, apply the brown color at the outer corner of the eye and spread it into a smoky triangle by pulling the color at the line of the crease and the line of the lashes. You can see in the picture down below how to move the brush.

  • Then, fill in the lid with the golden eyeshadow. Make sure that the inner corner of the eye is still covered with the white eyeshadow, because this is an essential detail for the bigger-looking illusion.

  • Finish the look with black winged eyeliner. You can wrap the whole eye, including the bottom waterline, with the black color, only if the size of the eye allows it.

  • You can apply some of the golden shadow at the bottom lid as well.

  • Apply mascara at the end in order to boost up the eyelashes.

golden shadow




How To Make The Easiest Smoky Eye

Något av det svåraste som finns att fixa är en smoky eye tycker jag. Visst, övning ger färdighet och iom att jag praktiskt taget nästan aldrig sminkar mina ögon starkare, så blir det inte mycket övning här. Hittade dock detta überlätta sätt som kanske inte ger den perfekta smoky eye, men superlätt och svårt att misslyckas med!

As you can see this is the most easiest way to do smoky eyes and all you need is a black make-up pencil. So here is your simple steps to get you there.
  1. Draw 2 lines parallel to each other. 1 in the corner of the eyelid and 1 just in front.
  2. From the corner of the eye draw a black line half over the eyelid and one in the middle going half way across the eyelid.
  3. Use your finger to smug it all in.

Estée Lauder Sumptous Mascara – Results

One of my fav daily mascaras is, Estée Lauder Sumptous. It’s an easy to wear, no lumps, no together stuck lashes. It gives you the length, without giving you too much volume – cause face it, to much volume always gives you the “trying too much”-look. The Sumptous is also volumizing and lifting at the same time, but just in the perfect amount one want.

If we don’t do lash extentions (as I normally have) we want to have a natural look for the every day. Below you can see the left side done, only one application, and the right side without anything on. IMG_3600IMG_3603 IMG_3602  IMG_3593IMG_3598

Different lightings.




Adele Outdid Herself – Hello – New Single

I’m not a huge fan of Adele, I can listen to her, but I don’t love the songs. this new single “Hello” is though freaking amazing and I hope the whole album will keep the same track!




My Hot Guy Chill Outfit

IMG_3559Guess what?! I got my bf to pose for my blog with his outfit. Often he just looks at me as I’m a mongo when I want to take pics (read too many pics of myself and of everything #BloggerLifestyle), but this time he was happy to be the model 😛 Good baby! 😀IMG_3564shirt: Adrian Hammond (REA just nu), jeans: Conway, shoes: Lescon IMG_3560 IMG_3561  IMG_3563IMG_3567clock: Diesel