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This Mom’s Favourite Clothing Pieces – Part 1

20170320_140212You may get surpriced on what it is, but life as a new mom makes you tend to go back to the easy choices, the comfy choice that you know works. A couple of extra kilos and trying too much new stuff on or see if your old stuff fits one more time is not something you want to do too often.

I have two ”full outfits” that I tend to go too. Of course I can mix them up with eachother. 20170320_140220

  • t-shirt: Ed Hardy (I love their women tees)
  • long sporty zip-jacket:  WARP
  • jeans: PEARL
  • shoes: New Balance
  • sunglasses: Ray Ban

20170320_140218  20170321_091649 20170320_140248




Total Jeans-Look

Yay or nay? Spring and summer is coming and jeans looks are being seen more and more, but qhat do you  guys thinn about the all-jeans-look? Are you pro- or anti?
Here are just some looks from accounts on Instagram to  get inspired by:







And some mom and babyinspo too:





Pokemon Go or Fashemon?

The most played game in the world right now, Pokemon Go, but have you heard about Fashemon – ‘Gotta Style ‘Em All?

These illustrations by Stylight shows some IT-names in the designer world and has been praised by for example Victoria Beckham.

fashemon pokemon go

Do you wanna know more? -> check it out HERE




Cheap Way To Update Your Closet For Spring 2016

Spring is coming! Except the pastels we gonna see a lot of floral prints that will make your ”boring” outfit until something fab. Here are some cheap ways to update your closet.


Good Morning – Bad & Good Habits to Do & Not To Do

Good Morning Sunshine. Did You think about that what we do the first we do in the morning can make or break out day? Many of us have several bad habits when it comes to the very first things we  do once we wake up. Here are some tips on healthy behaviour we can adapt to get a better kick start to our mornings.

1. Leave your phone alone – instead of instinctively reaching for it first thing in the morning. Take your time to brush your teeth, or pour a cup of coffee, before diving head first into the day’s endless emails, news and updates. – HARD ONE!

2. Stretch – this sounds simple enough, but stretching can help to wake up the muscles after a long night’s sleep. A light stretch gets the blood going, relives tension and improves your flexibility. - BEST TIP!

3. Hydrate – you’ve just went a good few hours without any water, so get yourself a glass to flush out toxins from your body and kickstart your metabolism for the day ahead. – WATER BY THE BED IS A GREAT WAY TO DO IT!




One-Color Look – How To Handle the Monochrome

One color head-to-toe is often easier said than done—while in theory it should be fairly brainless, in practice such looks can quickly transform into amorphous, singular blobs and look dated. Celebrities regularly sport the trend and to ensure an on-point ensemble every time, they abide by two key rules. Here, is a break down of the looks so you, too, can confidently nail monochrome dressing with ease.

Tackle it with a sophisticated suit:

Are you unsure? Go for a matching suit, which imparts overt sophistication via tailored separates. The resulting look is incredibly sleek—whether you sport a blazer or cape-like outerwear on top.

Solange Knowles

Willow Smith – – – Kendall Jenner

Mix and Match Textures:

To break up the singularity of your color palette, add touches of texture— with an effect is effortlessly cool.

Gigi Hadid – – - Solange Knowles

Get The Look:




Engagement Rings You Can Afford! Förlovningsdags?

Hur många går inte i giftastankar nu? Eller iaf i förlovningstankar? Det känns som om 2016 är året det händer. Men visst kan det vara dyrt att slå till på den där ringen som ”man inte skäms att visa”. Ja för face it, ingen vill väl få en liten förlovningsring som folk inte tycker är WOW?!

Här är några tips på billigare ringar som ser dyrare ut p.g.a. hur de är utformade:

You can achieve the same effect as a big sparkler with a cluster of small diamonds, or by adding a halo of tiny diamonds around a small stone

Triad Diamond Equilibrium Ring, Jennie Kwon $1200

Monique Pean Atelier $4580 – – – Linda Lee Johnson $3450

If you’re looking to save money but love the idea of an infinity band, find a style with diamonds only on the front of the ring.

Jolie Diamond Gold Band Ring, Sarah Chloe $398

Eva Fehren $2860 – – – Logan Hollowell $750

The best part of delicate rings is they look gorgeous in any number, including just one. Start a stack and add to your collection on each anniversary.

Hammered Rose Gold Stack Rings, Zoe Chicco $550

Alexa Leigh $1600 – – – Dana Rebecca Designs $1540

Anita Ko $2375 – – – Ileana Makri $1680

But for real, don’t be cheap, the main rule is that an engagement ring should cost you 3 salaries….

Det riktiga regeln är dock, var inte snål, en förlovningsring ska kosta dig 3 månadslöner…