Good Morning – Bad & Good Habits to Do & Not To Do

Good Morning Sunshine. Did You think about that what we do the first we do in the morning can make or break out day? Many of us have several bad habits when it comes to the very first things we  do once we wake up. Here are some tips on healthy behaviour we can adapt to get a better kick start to our mornings.

1. Leave your phone alone – instead of instinctively reaching for it first thing in the morning. Take your time to brush your teeth, or pour a cup of coffee, before diving head first into the day’s endless emails, news and updates. – HARD ONE!

2. Stretch – this sounds simple enough, but stretching can help to wake up the muscles after a long night’s sleep. A light stretch gets the blood going, relives tension and improves your flexibility. – BEST TIP!

3. Hydrate – you’ve just went a good few hours without any water, so get yourself a glass to flush out toxins from your body and kickstart your metabolism for the day ahead. – WATER BY THE BED IS A GREAT WAY TO DO IT!




25 reaktion på “Good Morning – Bad & Good Habits to Do & Not To Do

  1. Freya Farrington

    I totally agree with all 3 of those tips, I have recently ben trying to drink more water and the first thing I do is have a pint of water in the morning with my breakfast, I also carry a bottle with me all day as a reminder to keep hydrated!

  2. David

    I often try not to pick up the phone, but somehow that’s the first thing I do in the morning. I check everything new with my phone. Stretch is great way to start the morning always doing it and it feels amazing afterwards.

  3. Bettina Bacani

    Ugh I’m sorry, but the first thing I do when I open my eyes in the morning is grab my phone. I know it’s such a bad habit but if I don’t do it, I’m going to fall right back to sleep and be late for work. Haha! But that’s just my excuse 😛

    1. Eve

      a film adaptation of the character. Nothing has been heard about the film for a while, but Stitch Kingdom is hearing that Marvel is retiigersng domain names, and that may give a hint as to Marvel moving

  4. IamVagabond

    What “Leave your phone alone” no way 🙂 Yes that’s the toughest one I must say. You are right we should give some time to ourselves without worrying about phone the first thing in the morning

  5. Fred Erick

    Tip number 1 is hard. It’s really the first thing I look for when I wake up. I should also try doing more of tip 2. I completely agree with hydrating. Once I drink water, I feel better.

  6. Emma

    This is such a great read!! I have such a pro lme with being on my phone right when I wake up ! And I know I should get off it but it’s always just sitting right there!!

  7. Sonnie

    I liked your #3 tip 🙂 My version is I to drink 1 liter of water and don’t put anything in my tummy for the next hour, to effectively flush out the toxins. It helps the kidney, the liver, and the intestines, says the doctor who gave me that advise.

  8. Joanna

    How about snoozing? That is the first thing I do when I wake up, haha. I agree with you that drinking water in the morning is important. However, I can’t properly wake up without reading the news on my ipad and checking my emails. 🙂

  9. Vlad Vaida

    I’ve also done writing a similar kind of post and the 1St rule is just so important! Using your phone before you actually need it can stress your brain as you process unnecessary information.

    1. Jacalyn

      Yes to next visits! Do you certalbee the holidays? I am imagining that LIvia is very excited right now and I would love to see that. Tell her that I'm so grateful for our dance!

    1. Lynda

      Nok et lærerikt og rasende godt skrevet innlegg fra deg. Det er så koselig å lese, og se bildene du tar.Nei, svart belte i shopping er jeg også langt unna, men vekusbetikker liker jeg. Kommer alltid hjem fra Kreta med en ny veske;)

  10. Rose Sahetapy

    Reaching out my phone as first thing I do in the morning is the worst habit I do lately. I should do something more valuable instead. You have such fabolous tips on this post like stretching and drinking water.


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