Classic Hollywood Beauty Secrets

Vem älskar inte skönhetstips och speciellt från klassiska ikoner, då allt inte gjordes artificiellt, utan man fick använda sig av “riktiga, enkla” saker.

Marilyn Monroe

To make her lips appear fuller, Monroe asked her
makeup artist to use five different shades of gloss and lipstick. The contrast between darker reds on the
outside and lighter hues toward the center created dimension in photographs.




Elizabeth Taylor

Just like Cleopatra — one of her most famous
roles — Taylor would shave her face to remove baby hairs and a layer of skin cells. This gave her complexion a fresh glow.






Grace Kelly

While contouring may be all the rage today, Kelly was using the technique long ago. Using different shades of blush, she would make her cheekbones even more pronounced.

To keep her skin soft, the Italian beauty
appropriately added a splash of olive oil to her baths.





Although she favored light makeup for a natural look, Bergman did shave a
centimeter from her hairline to create a
larger forehead.






Rita Hayworth

Every night Hayworth applied oil to her hair for 15 minutes. She then rinsed it with hot water and lemon juice.







Carole Lombard

After a car accident, which left her nose slightly crooked, Lombard would draw a thin white line on it to make the nose appear straighter.




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